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I have been a fan of the Lotus Seven since 1986 or 87 when I saw what had to be a yellow winged Caterham out the window of an office I was in. It took a few years but in my early 30's I bought my first Seveneque car, a Stalker V6. I never did get it finished but just as I was selling it for a Lotus Europa, the perfect Caterham came on the market and after a few calls and a quick plane trip it was mine (as was an Europa). Since then I have enjoyed may trips Sevening, loved the car, and even become President of the largest US based marque-inclusive Seven clubs. You probally will find me on one of the many Lotus or Seven forums as "sparecr".






My Stalker in 2003 while picking up in Florida.





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The 1978 Caterham at pick-up in Florida.




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